The Demonic Number 33 is EVERYWHERE in AIDS and Ebola

 “Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders”  2 Thessalonians 2:9


The First documented case of Ebola to hit America began in 2014.

Barack Hussein Obama’s full Occult Numerology & gematria.

The Masonic Number 33 and its infiltration in WHO and UN.

I have been studying the Ebola crisis since it first took off and have been noticing a developing pattern of the no 33 appearing quite regularly in mainstream media and government documents. It was also quite coincidental that the Black Death took off 666 years ago and AIDS epidemic 33 years ago. Masons have their 33 signature deeply encoded  all over this latest EBOLA MEDIA CIRCUS PSYOP just like they did during the AIDS crisis.

I firmly believe that we are not being told the truth about Ebola by the US Government and its Zionist infiltrated Western Mainstream Media pack of dirty lies.


Black Death / Bubonic Plague took off across Europe 666 years ago from 2014

The first documented case of AIDS was diagnosed 33 years ago in 1981

AIDS = 33    ILL = 33  CANCER = 44   KILL = 44 Aids Related Complex ARC = 22   Antiretroviral AZT = 47 (Reduced =11) CD4  = 11     FDA = 11 / 66      Ebola Vaccines = 666 CDC in alpha/numeric is 343 = 7x7x7   Biosafety Levels BSL = 33   

HIV = 39 (13+13+13) = Flu = 39 (13+13+13) Antiretroviral therapy (ART) = 39 (13+13+13)

HIV / AIDS  = 432   +  Antiretroviral therapy (ART) = 234  = 666

HIV / AIDS  = 432   + GAVI 234 = 666  GAVI The Global Vaccine Alliance is heavily funded by Bill Gates.


Michael S Gottleib a 33yo assistant assistant professor specializing in immunology at the University of California Los Angeles was the first doctor to identify AIDS.

Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Diagnoses of HIV / AIDS ..33 States 2001 – 2005   CDC 

More than 33 million people around the world are currently living with human immunodeficiency virus  Gates Foundation 


Dr Kent Brantly, 33, and Nancy Writebol, 60, became sick with Ebola in Monrovia last month

The 33 year old freelance cameraman Ashoka Mukpo who contracted Ebola while working with NBC in Liberia is now disease free

 Woman who traveled to West Africa being monitored for Ebola-like symptoms in Oregon.     (Oregon = 33rd State)   Oregon = 444  OR = 33

The doctor, identified as Craig Spencer, 33, came back from treating Ebola patients in Guinea October 17 

In the study from Uganda, doctors tested 33 surfaces inside an Ebola treatment center

There have been 33 outbreaks of Ebola in the last several decades, according to the Centers for Disease Control

ebolaal (1)

Jenkins said health officials are facing a complex process of working with the community where the patient was staying with a family, an area of town where 33 different languages are spoken and is home to 25,000 people.

President Obama pledged $33 billion dollars in aid to Africa during a business forum which took place Tuesday.

Ebola virus causes severe viral hemorrhagic fever with a high …. 33 days from vaginal swabs.

Over 2m Sierra Leoneans, 33% of country, can’t move over Ebola as global race to halt virus spread heats up.

Ebola epidemic could cost Africa $33 billion, says World Bank


From CDC:Ebola is transmissible for 33 days on vaginal swabs

33 Ebola patients get discharged

33 outbreaks of ebola over the decades

South African Treasury sets aside R33 Million for Ebola control. 

US government Ebola facts download pdf is 33k.pdf

Thirty-three (33) Survivors from Hastings Ebola Treatment Center


rald’s 3:30p.m. press conference

Ebola Death Toll Surpasses 330 in West Africa″]WHO: Ebola death toll passes 3,300

From the UN ebola page:3.3 million items of high quality personal protective equipment.

Over 2m Sierra Leoneans, 33% of country, can’t move over Ebola as global race to halt virus spread heats up.

Ebolagay (1)

Over 2m Sierra Leoneans, 33% of country, can’t move over Ebola as global race to halt virus spread heats up

3.3 million items of high quality personal protective equipment.

Ebola could cost West Africa $33 billion.

Oct 1, 2014 – Ebola isn’t contagious until symptoms appear, and then it can … a part of town where 33 different languages are spoken, and that they would go

United Nations system in Liberia today said up to USD 33 million were needed to support Liberia’s national response to the Ebola disease.


On October 24th, a 33 page document was released by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, and in that document it is admitted that Ebola is “aerostable” WND was one of the first news outlets to report on this.

Cuyahoga County’s Ebola response subject of Ed FitzGeralds Press Conference at 3.30PM 

CDC is on 33 degree where first doctor 33 years old was taken.

The doctors TV Series Season 7 Episode 33   Doctors examine efforts to develop an Ebolavaccine

United Nations logo has 33 quadrants, 8×4=32 quadrants + northpole=33


 Spot the Number 7 in the following.

DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC of Congo today declared itself Ebola-free.

THE DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC of Congo today declared itself Ebola-free, after a three-month outbreak of the killer disease claimed at least 49 lives.

The DRC outbreak, which began in August, involved a different strain of Ebola from the one that has claimed more than 5,100 lives in west Africa.

“The end of the epidemic… does not mean we are completely out of danger,” said DRC Health Minister Felix Kabange Numbi. “Like every other nation, the DRC remains threatened by the possible import of the Ebola virus disease raging in west Africa.”

The all-clear in the DR Congo came 42 days after the last recorded case of the virus, which has a 21-day incubation period.

The outbreak raging in west Africa stems from the Zaire species — the deadliest of the five known distinct species — which caused the world’s first known Ebola outbreak in 1976 in what is now known as the DRC.

Until now that outbreak was the deadliest on record, with 280 deaths.

The disease takes its name from the DRC’s Ebola River.


Numbers game: Spot the Number from the above text 7

21-day incubation period… A Number divisible by 7

42 days after the last recorded case ..A Number divisible by 7

49 lives ….A Number divisible by 7

280 deaths up until now…A Number divisible by 7

# Numbers.


Sierra Leone doctor dies of Ebola at Nebraska hospital 
Martin Salia a 44 years old doctor has died from Ebola at a Nebraska hospital

14,413 is divisible by 7

Ebola in English Gematria = 210 which is divisible by 7

“Salia” in English Gematria =252 [/URL]which is divisible by 7

Wife’s name “isatu”= 420 which is divisible by 7

“Dr Smith” in English Gematria = 546 which is divisible by 7

“thomas eric duncan” in English Gematria = 1008  which is divisible by 7

Sounds like this is another Main Stream Media wind up as the “7” keep popping up like pop corn again.

Good news: Scientists may have discovered a vaccine for Ebola

The NIAID/GSK vaccine as it is appropriately named. 

NIAID = 222     GSK = 222    RFID = 222     Total = 666 

Vaccination = 666  Ebola Vaccine = 666

Barack Hussein Obama’s full Occult Numerology & gematria.    Credits GLP / LOP/

# RTTH #Ablitive  #Abbs Dublin #   … More to follow

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