One World Trade Center New York City in Occult numerology.

The occult numerology is fitting

13 Years after 9/11 false flag.
$3.9 billion. Remove the decima. 39 = 13+13+13
1,776 foot Freedom Tower

London and New York are the two financial capitals of the world.                                             London = 444 New York = 666 (English Gematria)

444 + 666 = 1110
1776 – 1110 = 666

1776 was the same year that the Ancient Bavarian Order of Illuminated Seers was resurrected by Weishaupt.

The point marked Freedom Tower in the image from Google earth has the following coordinates which you can easily verify:

Latitude 40.713°
Longitude -74.013°

Decimal longitudes west of the prime meridian are negative and those east of it are positive. Adding the latitude and longitude values we get:

40.713° -74.013° = -33.300°

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