Barack Obama’s numerical connection with Solomon’s 2nd Temple.




Saudi Arabia behind Israel plans to replace al-Aqsa with temple

Barack Obama’s birthday falls on 4th Aug 1961   The 2nd Temple of Solomon was destroyed 4th Aug 70ad

If you divide Obama’s decimal / Satanic numerical value 793 by 13 you will get the number 61.

61 = The 18th prime number   (18 = 6+6+6).

61st Triangular number = 1891

The ASCII value of ‘barack hussein obama’ (lowercase) is 612+767+512 = 1891 

August 4th 70 AD was the exact date when King Solomon’s 2nd temple was destroyed.

There are EXACTLY 1891 solar years from 4th August 70 AD to  4th August 1961, Obama’s birth year!  70 + 1891 = 1961)

4th August = 216th date of year and 216 = 6x6x6

Credits 5 Doves 

3 thoughts on “Barack Obama’s numerical connection with Solomon’s 2nd Temple.

  1. Doug Bryan

    The stock market crash 29 Oct 29 to 04 Aug 1942 is exactly 666 weeks. This is the year Stanley Anne Dunham (mother of Obama) was born. The moon returns to its original place in the celestial sky every 19 years. Aug 04 1942 + 19 years = Aug 04 1961. In Akkadian (the Babylonian language) the word for Moon is su’en or sin.

    On the bohemian grove plaque, there is 1872 and 1933. The difference is 61 years. Here’s where it gets even spookier. The source code of the babylonians is 216. That is 6x6x6. They developed the sexagesimal system that gives you time and geographical measurement today. 60 seconds = 1 minute. 60 minutes = 1 hour and 24 hours = 1day. In simple numerology, 6 + 0 = 6 and 2 + 4 = 6 which effectively makes the current day in the mark of the beast and the reason why Christ said days would be shortened and flesh saved for the elect’s sake. There are 21,600 nautical miles in the circumference of the earth. The total cycle of the precessional equinox where true north is constantly changing is 25,920 years. 25,920 years / 12 zodiac signs = 2160 years in each sign. If we divide a total cycle of the precessional equinox by 360 degrees then you have 72 years which known as a great year. 3 great years would be 216 years. 26 great years x 72 years/great year is 1872 years. Now add the 70 years to the destruction of the 2nd Temple. You are again at 1942. Add another 72 years for 27 great years and you are at 2014. On the torah calendar, it turned to the 6000th year on 01 Apr 2014. Peter tells you that a day with the Lord is like a thousand years and a thousand years is like a day. Man was created on the 6th day and the rapture occurs after the 6th seal is opened and the 144,000 are sealed.

    The 70 year increment is a interval of babylonian captivity God judges Israel with in the Old Testament. Look at the current state of Israel as being in an installment of babylonian captivity. 1948 to 2018 is 70 years.

    Both the 1st and 2nd Temples were destroyed on the 9th of Av. In Hebrew this is called Tisha B’Av. In Jewish gematria (which can be confirmed at the numerical value is 911.

    Another cycle important to the luciferians is the 47 year cycle of Mars. If you see Mars now, it will return to the same point in the celestial sky 47 years later. The US nuclear testing program was developed around this cycle. It started with the “Trinity” blast on 16 Jul 1945 and ended 23 September 1992. That is effectively 47 years. There were exactly 216 atomic tests on water, ground and upper atmosphere. There were a total of 1054 tests with 911 tests occurring in the state of Nevada. The distance across the top of that state is the skull and bones number of 322 in miles. The 1054 represents 1054AD when the first major schism between the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church occurred. They made a peace treaty in 1965. 1965 – 1054 = 911 years.

    Look at the beginning of the nuclear test as a dark seed. It occurred in New Mexico. New Mexico is one of two states (New York being the other) that has a numerical value of 666 in English gematria. The former Hwy 666 ran through New Mexico and was the 6th leg of the Route 66. The name Mexico comes from Mexiti which means “god of war” (mars). That makes New Mexico effectively meaning “new god of war”. It is also the 47th state.

    Now take the moon cycle of 19 years and the mars cycle of 47 years and make the year 1947. The Roswell crash occurs. Admiral Byrd has his inner earth encounter when he goes missing at the North Pole. The CIA is born. The AK-47 goes into production. Aliester Crowley dies. Project Paperclip is completed. Also interesting to note that not only is New Mexico the 47th state and meaning new god of war, but Indiana is the 19th state. Nanna is the babylonian goddess of the moon. The roman goddess of the moon is diana. The state says in-Diana and the capital is in – diana – polis or “in the city of diana”.

    The skull and bones connection to the this is deep and goes to the Georgia Guidestones. The dedication date is 22 Mar 1980. It is a luciferian landmark. First examine the date which is 3/22. Why? It is in direct opposition to the Christian Church. Christ died and arose on the 3rd day. He spent 40 days on earth. He ascended into Heaven and on the 10th day the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples and the church was started and commemorated by Holy Pentecost. That is 53 days. Go from the birthday of Israel on 14 May in reverse to 22 March. It is 53 DAYS!!! There is a reason this marker is 666 miles from certain places in NYC and also 666 nautical from the center of the Tarara, (ararat backwards) Cuba pentagram which is 33 feet above sea level in the center.

    Now take the date of 22 Mar 1980 and go 666 weeks in the future. You land on 26 Dec 1992 which is the day after the birthday of nimrod. The RCC instituted the false birthday of Christ over the first mystery babylon king, nimrod of which Revelation say that the antichrist is the 8th and final king. His symbol was the “X” and he was deified as a sungod by his wife semiramis at his death. The Romans carried on the week long tradition in the form of a Saturnalia festival with gift giving. Revelation tells you the world will rejoice and exchange gifts at the death of the two witnesses. What does that tell you? The deaths are going to occur at “X”mas? The Sabbath was conveniently changed to “Sun” day. Aren’t you told to come out of her the mystery babylon that is? The Romans called 25 Dec “sol invictus” or sun worship day.

    The 1992 year was a landmark year for the luciferians. On the high satanic ritual day of beltane 01 May 1776, the bavarian illuminati was founded by adam weishaupt. Not long after that the US was birthed on the aphelion of the sun on 04 Jul 1776. Subtract 1776 from 1992. It is 216 years!!!!! The UN starts Agenda 21 the very next year. 1993 + 21 years is 2014. The babylonian source code can be seen through time. Take the 25 Dec date and go back 2160 years from 1992. You land on the day 25 Kislev or 25 Dec 168 AD where antiochus epiphanes desecrated the Temple by throwing a pig on the altar.

    1992 also marked the 500th anniversary of the fake discovery of the new world by Christopher Columbus. The ritual was on 12 October 1492. October 12 is 9 months and 11 days from the new year. 500 years is also the maximum lifespan of a nephilim decreed by God in the Book of Enoch.


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