Major Mainstream Media black out on Ebola as CDC goes into overdrive preparing



Associated Press has sent out a mandate instructing mainstream media journalists to shut up on the Ebola crisis, I guess this includes all spin stories and made up lies.

Associated Press: Advisory on Ebola coverage

While the world is being thrown into darkness the CDC, America’s militarized central disease control is going into overdrive preparing

‘The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is ramping up its acquisition of protective gear for U.S. hospitals that may have to handle Ebola patients, following a “sudden increase” in demand on its current national stockpile.

The federal health agency said in a November 7 statement that it is ordering an additional $2.7 million in personal protective equipment that will eventually be fashioned into 50 kits that can be deployed rapidly to hospitals if or when needed”

CDC stockpiling Ebola gear even as national press goes dark on Ebola news

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