Crisis actors exposed, the doubles and media blunders…. Pictures state 1000 words.

NEW : Brussels Bombing was another Occultist Zionist / Freemason Hoax

332     3/22 March a renowned Occultist festival which fell 130 days after the Friday 13th  November Paris Bombing Hoax.



Je suis Bruxelles Ik ben Brussel = 27 Characters.:evil:

The Occult  number 27 is the reduced value of 666+666+666

666+666+666= 1998 and 1+9+9+8 = 27  / 27 Club originates from this.

 Fake Videos faken From Russia 2011 airport Bombing used News Coverage of Brussels Terror Attacks

Following taken From

One of the first videos published by Belgium’s mainstream media, was, according to reports, from the  CC security surveillance cameras at Brussels airport. The video report was released at 9.07am, one hour after the first bomb attack at the airport.

The video was fake. What Derniere Heure and La Libre published was footage from a January 2011 terror attack at Moscow International airport.

Journalists and media editors are fully aware that surveillance videos at an airport are under the jurisdiction of  the airport’s security authorities. They are not normally released immediately after a terror attack.

There was no way the media could have got hold of the surveillance videos in the immediate wake of the attacks. Moreover, following the attack, the airport was closed down. 

In another words, the airport surveillance video would not have been available to the media less than one hour after the terror event.

What Derniere Heure did was to take the Moscow International airport video, remove the audio in Russian, change the date and broadcast it on the Internet and network TV at 9:07 AM.

Was this a stupid mistake or was it deliberate. The case of the fake airport surveillance video was fully documented in a previous Global Research article.



And here is a screenshot of the January 2011 terror attack at Moscow’s Domodedova International Airport that was used in the recent Brussels fake bombing.

explosions in brussels_1458647070632_1119816_ver1.0

Fake Video Used in News Coverage of Brussels Terror Attacks

The Second Fake Surveillance Video at Brussels Maelbeek Metro Station 

The terror attack in the afternoon of March 22 at Brussels Maelbeek Metro station was reported by mainstream media including CNN.

In these reports, video footage from a 2011 terror attack in Minsk, Belarus was used by network TV and online media to describe what was happening in the metro station at the time of the attacks.

The more fundamental question: two cases of fake videos:

Can we trust the mainstream media reports concerning the Brussels terror attacks?

Comparisons: Brussels, 22 March 2016 versus Minsk, 11 April 2011. Same video footage


Here is the alleged video footage of the CCTV surveillance camera, Brussel Maelbeek Metro Station.  The CC surveillance camera is under control of the Metro security authorities.

Now Compare the above to the screenshot of  the Minsk April 2011 attacks followed by full-length video.

 Full video of the Minsk Attack

The original source of this article is Global Research


This crisis actor with his legs blown off is more interested in looking at his watch.

A major attempt has been made to cause the Brussels ‘terrorist attack’ to appear real. Yet, this failed, because it is obviously fake: impossible to dispute.

The fabrications are made evident by the imagery, in this case, the images of the purported wounded. They are not wounded. They are faking it, being mere crisis actors.



NO “Graphic warning Content” because the above is an arch Zionist Hollywood  movie theater cadaver dummy made of synthetic rubber

The  two images above were were sent to from an alert postr. This poster has broken the case wide open, exposing it as a total hoax. This phony shooting must go down in the annals of history as the most ludicrous, inane, supercilious hoax of all time.

Arch Zionisr Bernardino Shooting Exposed as Total Hoax with Synthetic Gore Dummys 

Two images above were were sent to from an alert poster. This poster has broken the case wide open, exposing it as a total hoax. This phony shooting must go down in the annals of history as the most ludicrous, inane, supercilious hoax of all time.

San Bernardino Shooting Exposed as Total Hoax with Synthetic Gore Dummy



Alleged “witness” didn’t even bother removing his fucking Mason base ball cap.      

other Freemason Master Number Mine field exposed 

14 San Bernardino victims  ages were are 45 46 26 60 42 46 27 27 40 52 31 50 58 3dance7

Reduce > 4+5+4+6+2+6+6+0+4+2+4+6+2+7+2+7+4+0+5+2+3+1+5+0+5+ 8+3+7 = 110 > 11

The Freemason Master Number “11”. Idol1

 The Master Numerologist tears San Bernardino to pieces

Highly Recommended NODISINFO  for updates on this latest filthy lie



33 Unanswered Questions On Sandy Hook’s 3rd Anniversary


UPDATE:  I purchased this book from AMAZON, however under obvious pressure from the FEDS and their Zionist masters who own the media,this book can no longer be purchased at AMAZON


Get the Free PDF  of the Book HERE 



Paris   …Hallmarks of yet another Arch Zionist False Flag


Was the Arora /  Hook / Boston “Cry Bitch” spotted in Paris?


The Mossad coordinated this in-person, right before the cameras. Don’t they have any faith in the Mali special forces? The Zionist mole can also e sen, here, in this case carrying a kind of assault knife. What in the world is the purpose of the other Zionist agent holding his cell phone?

Mossad Agents Exposed In Mali Raddison Hotel Kidnapping Hoax

There could not be a more evident Zionist mole than the Israeli above, one of the producers of the Nairobi hoax.

NEW Paris Friday 13th False Flag Exposed in numbers inconsistencies  Numerology


Above TOTALLY staged, light bulbs intact, not one smashed, no visible material damage.

Sick use of Dead Bodies and blood to depict “Masons Eye” on Bataclan theater floor.Idol1



Dummies mannequins along with movie making special effects used in theater

The blood streaked floor is interesting.  It is as though some bleeding bodies were drug across the ground, which is possible.  I don’t know if this is a real scene of death, or crisis actors posing for a photo with a staged setting, like the Boston Marathon Bombing.  It is too bad we live in a world where these types of questions must be asked. No foot prints,

Sky news Watch depicted at French false flag depicts 11:33 > 44

Some may dispute and say 11:34 if so 11:34 = 22:34 > 2+2+3+4 = 11



Who the fuck was Jihadi John and all these other invented US Government fictional terrorist characters?  ALL THESE FUCKING TERRORISTS Including ISIS have MASTER numbers encoded  in gematria. ISIS = 56 >5+6= 11

‘Allahu Akbar” = 88   Jihadi john = 88  Mostefai = 88  in simple English gematria 88 is the representation for “Heil Hitler

Freemason master number “88” Signature . Barack Obama’s Birthday is 88 days before Halloween.


Here In Ireland we  shout Abrakebabra instead of Allahu  Akabar!!

Where are all the amature  UTube armature videos of this dirty Zionist orchestrated Paris lie?

PARIS HOAX: CCTV video shows operative/actress tossing smoke bomb inside cafe.

12 reasons why Paris attacks were a false flag event

Freemasonry is all about denying Christ and worshiping Satan 


Crying Crisis actors must have been wimps as kids. despicable people..

Large Emergency Exercise Took Place On Same Day As Paris Attacks


NATIONAL HOAX AWARDS – Who’s the “best”


Who Should The Best Crisis Actor Award Go To? Vote Now!


False Flag warning: Volunteers Needed Joint Active Shooter Law Enforcement Exercise Texas.November

NewChris Harper-Mercer school shooting Complete False Flag Occult Illuminati Numerology Crisis actors 

Crisis actress appears 3 different times; 1. Sandy Hook 2. Boston Bombing 3. Police Chase.

False flags are hilarious. Just ask the laughing crisis actors.


From all appearances, false flag shootings and bombings are really extra funny, because so many alleged “family members”, “friends” and “witnesses” of the recent false flag shootings just can’t stop laughing. You would think the elite who run the US Government, MSM, Hollywood, etc. would be able to afford better actors, and pull off the false flag ops more professionally, but I guess times are tough, and you gotta cut the budget somewhere. The result is a whole lot of utterly fake and amateurish false flag shootings.

Regardless of what they’re getting paid, these laughing crisis actors are accepting money to actively participate in a massive act of deceit and treachery, by pretending to be part of a fake shooting, and exploiting the natural compassion and empathy that most of us feel to calculatedly push for the New World Order agenda of gun control, psychological programming to get you to accept the police state, mental conditioning, the promotion of fear and the promulgation of terror.

They’re laughing, but they’re playing their role: to trick you into feeling scared, at all places and at all times, so you think you or your loved ones could get gunned down at any point. Talk about a world ruled through fear. Can you imagine taking a “job” like that?

Check out these phony, fake, laughing crisis actors in the embedded video above and in the pics below – and remember our world is utterly fake:



Crisis actor Robbie Parker: I guess your daughter getting brutally shot is just f*ckin’ hilarious


Another fake laughing crisis actor giggling in the background.


Smiling crisis actor used in 2 different false flag ops.

Laughing crisis actor Richard Martinez apparently thinks it’s pretty funny how his son was murdered.

Crisis actor Martinez again. I wonder if his pay got docked for laughing too much?


It’s so funny fooling massive amounts of people! I can’t stop myself from giggling.

More laughing crisis actors. Wasn’t it funny how the movie set called Sandy Hook fooled so many gullible people? Ha, ha ha …


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Makia Freeman is the editor of alternative news site The Freedom Articles and senior researcher at, writing on many aspects of truth and freedom, from exposing aspects of the global conspiracy to suggesting solutions for how humanity can create a new system of peace and abundance.

Credits for the above:

Why are Charlie Hebdo staff laughing at the Funeral of their allegedly murdered colleagues?
Is it because they know it is a hoax?

 “Crisis Actors” Alison Parker and Adam Ward

The “journalistic” duo were prone to elaborate get-ups and antics both on and off the air –  UK paper says

Photographs obtained from the social media accounts of slain reporters Alison Parker and Adam Ward posted by the Daily Mail on August 26 indicate the pair greatly enjoyed dressing up at work and play. At one point they are even photographed in a dressing room preparing “fake injuries” as combination crisis actor/reporters.

“The reporter and cameraman shared this photo of them being painted with fake injuries for a news segment,” the Mailremarks.

Virginia Arch Zionist Hoax Blown Wide Open.

From the description to a recent Dutchsinse video: “While playing the banker, Andy Parker is also simultaneously doing Broadway plays and TV commercials reaching back multiple years. To top it off, he’s also a former politician !  He’s real “jack of all trades” it would seem. Pictures of Andy Parker’s latest performance as the lead star in Les Miserables! See screenshots from his 2013 performances here.”

All of these alleged mass shootings are immediately capitalized on by fake family members to call for more gun control. The media and the lawmakers are either completely in on the fraud or they’re being played like fools. When will they wake up?

UPDATE: Another amazing compilation of the crisis actors working on this hoax.

NEW   Que markings used in movie making and bad continuity blows the lid off  Charlie Hebdo Cartoon HOAX. 

The funny side of Sandy Hook Media Blunders with Parker (Freemason) Laughing.

Not One More Crisis Actor.. This Douche Bag who Can’t act. 

Re: Just in case any of you Need A GOOD FUCKING LAUGH….crisis actor performance extravaganza Credits: Godlikproductions 

The Smiley Faces of the Arch-Zionist Chattanooga Shooting Hoax

Other well known Hoaxes.

Fake Studio set revealed by Ukrainian Hackers uncovers CIA ISIS head chopping operation.

ISIS members all pray in different directions.

Not true muslims.  Jewish conspiracy mercenaries to destabilize the region!


Is this Crisis actor  Cliff Curtis, who plays a lot of cointel/terror characters of Arabic origin and does speak Farsi and other Arabic dialects?

Did a plumber’s pick-up truck from Texas end up carrying an anti-aircraft gun for Islamic fighters on the front lines of Syria?

This story went Mainstream as it was exposed across alternative sites. 


Sandy Hook School kid “dies again” in Pakistan school shooting two years later!!!!


Noel Pozner = 850 >8+5+0 = 13 Hebrew (Zionist / Freemason Signature)

Killed Sandy

The above “mistake” has now gone Main stream 


Above Sydney Australia  The hand can be seen holding up the  ISIS sign.


James Foley’s Sister is a friend of Axel Israel of Sandy Hook. !!!!

Katie Foley =  606 >66 Hebrew Gematria (Zionist signature > this woman’s identity was fabricated just like the HOAX. )


A Sandy Hook Mother is also an eye witness to the Boston Bombing


James Foleys mother is also an eye witness to the Boston Bombing

This same staff woman of Sandy Hook also witnessed the Boston Bombing, she even had her name changed!!!     At least they’re efficient and managed to use the same stock photo. LOL.



Obama Drum

Emille Parker = 13 Characters and these  little Brats worships the Devil  just like their Freemason Fatherhookl


Three Birds

Was the Same Woman at the Aurora, Sandy Hook, and Boston Tragedies?


An image circulating online claims to show the same woman at three different tragedies: The Aurora, Colorado theater shooting, the Sandy Hook shooting, and the Boston Bombing.


“According to the Boston Public Health Commission, 264 people were treated at 27 local hospitals.   Eleven days later, 29 remained hospitalized.”    Source WIKI 

264 = 66+66+66 +66     11 days   2+9 = 11    and 666+666+666 = 1998 and 1+9+9+8 = 27    Your 27 Club.  # Barack Obama’s 666 fingerprint again


Sandy Hook Parent and Aurora attorney are the same woman.


Sandy Hook Parker Laughing before he gets into character.







CNN Caught Red Handed Using Crisis Actor -

CNN Caught Red Handed Using Crisis Actor –whatthegovernment…

BOSTON FALSE FLAG EVENT - Authorities Announced “Drill” BEFORE Boston Explosions, and Facebook Page Created for the Boston Explosions Two Days BEFORE it Happened... And so far, 1 PROOF OF A CRISIS ACTOR INVOLVED

BOSTON FALSE FLAG EVENT – Authorities Announced “Drill” BEFORE Boston Explosions, and Facebook Page Created for the Boston Explosions Two Days BEFORE it Happened… And so far, 1 PROOF OF A CRISIS ACTOR INVOLVED

Boston Marathon Bombing - Crisis Actors Caught in the Act/why?

Boston Marathon Bombing – Crisis Actors Caught in the Act/why?

crisis actors sandy hook parents are aurora shooting attorney. BUSTED!

crisis actors sandy hook parents are aurora shooting attorney. BUSTED!

Is this so??? Are these men Crisis Actors? We need more information here.

Is this so??? Are these men Crisis Actors? We need more information here.

Same Crisis Actor Interviewed at LAX Shooting and 9/11 Twin Towers - shooter w/ last name CIAnCIA & the same guy interviewed at both LAX shooting & Ground Zero on 9/11...

Same Crisis Actor Interviewed at LAX Shooting and 9/11 Twin Towers – shooter w/ last name CIAnCIA & the same guy interviewed at both LAX shooting & Ground Zero on 9/11…

Behind The Scenes (literally) at Sandy Hook: Crisis Actors

Behind The Scenes (literally) at Sandy Hook: Crisis Actors

Bonnie Political 45 Crisis Actors 3
Busted from Boston.
 deceptionfraud (1)

Like this Jewish RABBI paid to travel to the hot spots, PRETEND he is Muslim to stir up trouble for instance ?


No those Zionists would NEVER do that ! :lmao:

NEW Paris Friday 13th False Flag Exposed in numbers  inconsistencies 

Why the Elite are orchestrating so Many Amateur False Flag Shootings

No one is buying these false flags anymore…click on link


Several news items bearing the protest and rage by Muslims usually photograph one single man, Shakeel Ahmad Bhat. The man is noticed in many newspapers, bogs, social websites, shouting for Muslim justice. The Indian born Muslim has been given label of Islamic Rage Boy by the many bloggers after he was first named in the year 2006 in September. His pictures have appeared in the local and national newspapers such as The Sunday Mail, Times of India, France 24 and Middle East Times

Forgot to Fake – Crisis Actor Forgets to Fake Injury – Aurora Theater Hoax

They do these fake incidents to try to change the laws and get your guns!

The ad asked for people to portray different emergency scenarios in a standard government terror drill and they posted a photo of the Boston Bombing as an example of Crisis Actors

This link mentions how another Craigslist Ad was discovered looking for Crisis Actors before the LAX shooting.…h-2470564.html

Here’s the Linkedin page for the lady who organised the staged Boston event.

Houston July 4th – 6th Warning

In a Craigslist ad posted about 17 days ago, the US Federal Government is looking for crisis actors for July 4th through July 6th. – See more at:…uly-4th_062014

This is the actual ad they posted –
“We are looking for crisis actors for a government emergency drill between July 4-6th. Actors will be responsible for portraying different emergency scenarios in a simulated government terror drill. No experience is needed. Confidentiality agreements are required. Pay is $200. Please message for details.” ~Houston Craigslist

This ad has been taken down due to national exposure but you can see the archived ad here –…501039849.html
Interestingly they use a photo of the faked Boston Bombing event as an example of crisis actors.

London 7/7 TV show warning

Last’s nights program shown on UTV at 9pm about the 7/7 bombing in London suspiciously did not make any reference to the bomb drill they carried out in the Underground that very same day.…rehearsal.html

They may have included a subtle warning in last nights program as to the next planned terrorist hoax.
In the opening scenes they showed a close up of a plane flying through the path of Nelsons Column. Immediately following this they showed a plane reflected in a buildings window, giving the impression that it was going into the building. There was also a small digital glitch as the plane in the reflected window shifted slightly, a subtle reference to the digital planes used on 9/11.
Later in the same program, on 45 minutes, this time in the background, they again showed a plane flying through the path of Nelsons Column.

Is Nelsons Column the next target or will more planes be involved?

Police Intelligence Analyst Tony Farrell was fired for not going along with the lies of the Government with regard to the 7/7 bombing.

They hire paid actors and shills to carry it out!

Court cases are faked!

Actors walk away with a stash of cash that the feds print at will.No doubt some actors given a new identity and life in some settlement.


Chattanooga Shooting Hoax 100% CONFIRMED! “Victims” already died in 2004, 2009, etc!!!!!

Do you want to know where many of these Crisis actors come from?


Well here is your answer. They are hired through various courses. Many Crisis actors come from inside Government and Police Departments such as that pathetic coroner that acted in Sandy Hook.  .  Below is a sign up sheet.

“The goal of the course is to enable participants to improve their community’s mitigation and emergency operations plan specifically regarding the needs of children. The course will provide them with the information needed to address the unique needs of children prior to, during and following disasters. It will also provide them guidance and direction on how to form coalitions and how to become advocates for the unique needs of children in all aspects of emergency management.”

This course took place during the exact time of the Sandy Hook event and was headquartered only a few miles away.

Here, FEMA is setting the stage with financial favors in 2010:

Here is an older one.

Why the Elite are Orchestrating so Many Amateur False Flag Shooting

False Flag AmericaMakia Freeman, Contributor
Waking Times

The recent spate of amateurish false flag shootings, which are now being rolled out at an increasingly rapid pace, give one cause to wonder: why? Why are the elite orchestrating such feeble and poorly executed false flag shootings? With all their money, power, control of the media, control of law enforcement and control of politicians, why can’t they make these false flag shootings look more real? Aren’t they worried that with such amateurish false flag shootings they are running the risk of being caught? Of being exposed? Of doing such an atrocious job that it defies common belief, and thus acts as a catalyst to wake people up?

Ridiculous, Poorly Executed and Utterly Fake Aspects of Recent False Flag Shootings

Around the world, and especially in America, the number of false flag operations these days (whether they be false flag shootings, false flag bombings or any other kind of false flag attack) is truly astonishing. Another day, another false flag. Both the quantity and quality of them are surreal. Sometimes it’s hard to believe we live in a world where people are unconscious enough to sacrifice and murder others in cold blood to achieve a political goal, and where other people are gullible enough to buy into the official narrative time after time without any further investigation.

Take a look at the most recent amateurish false flag shooting in Virginia on Wednesday, August 26th, 2015 (the WDBJ TV News report shooting). AsBernie Suarez of Activist Post pointed out, there are so many loose ends, coincidences and fakery in this one that it’s really quite incredible. Since YouTube has embarked on censorship (just like it did after the false flag attack in Charlie Hebdo in France), it is hard to find the video clip, but you can see some of it in this video (also embedded above).

We have a situation where:

– a gunman approaches 2 women doing an interview, within 10 feet, brandishing a gun, and they don’t stop talking to run, scream or even ask him what he’s doing;

– the shooter holds a gun up, leaves it there awhile, and puts it back down, all while the women keep chatting merrily away. Then he puts it up again and shoots;

– the shooter shoots people at point blank range but there’s no blood;

– the cameraman and alleged victim Adam Ward apparently does not see, hear, sense or even smell that there is someone (a dangerous shooter) standing right next to him;

– Adam Ward was shooting an active shooter drill 2 weeks before the “shooting”;

– the shooter commits conveniently suicide right afterwards;

– the shooter puts out a manifesto, so the MSM (mainstream media) has more fake news to report and build the incident into a story it is not (who writes a “manifesto” these days anyway?);

– there are fake comments posted before the shooting took place;

– the alleged father (Andy Parker) of the alleged victim, just hours after the shooting, claims to already have made it his life mission to pass gun control laws, and to already have talked with the Governor of Virginia!

Once again, like almost all false flag shootings which are really targeting theright to bear arms, right after the incident, we don’t see the victims’ family members passing through the 5 stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance according to Elisabeth Kübler-Ross). Instead, we see them full of passion with a strong political message, using their platform and air time to push for gun control. Why? Because they phony, fake crisis actors.

Have the Elite Become Too Arrogant and Sloppy?

Look at all the false flag attacks the elite have already pulled off. It’s a favorite weapon of theirs, and it’s primarily psychological. It uses the brute force of a bullet, sure, but the main point is to mislead, trick and deceive. Since false flag operations have been used from everything to start wars (assassination of Prince Ferdinand 1914), to get countries into wars (sinking of Lusitania 1916, Pearl Harbor 1941), to demonize and destroy political opponents (Reichstag fire 1933) and to pass draconian legislation (9/11), the elite are clearly very familiar in planning and executing them.

Is it possible the elite have become so arrogant that they don’t think they need to carry out these psychological operations more professionally? Do they not care if many people quickly spot the obvious errors, contradictions and loopholes? Maybe they are just counting on the fact that a large majority still cannot see through false flag ops, no matter how quickly alternative news and independent media get it.

It’s All a Numbers Game

Perhaps it’s all about reaching a critical mass. The elite know the widespread ignorance of the majority is a perfect blanket for their crimes. The elite can monitor all electronic activity (and more), so they have their finger on the pulse of how quickly humanity is awakening. In his famous interview before he died, Aaron Russo recalls how Nick Rockefeller mentioned to him that the elite didn’t care if some people knew the truth, just as long as it wasn’t enough to make a difference.

Yet, humanity is awakening at a rapid rate – maybe even an exponential rate. We must already be very close to reaching a critical mass of awakened, aware people who are politically active and willing to put energy into making the world change for the better. Some people have suggested that a critical mass of people is the square root of 1% of a given population. Using 7.2 billion as the world population, the critical mass is 8486, which is not a very high number. Whatever figures you use, seems like the elite are running out of time and are not going to be able to use these tactics for very much longer …

Are the Amateurish False Flag Shootings a Deliberate Distraction …

On the other hand, maybe the elite are using false flag operations as a distraction (in addition to the obvious push for gun control). Maybe the point is to capture the focus of the alternative media and distract people from issues like Operation Jade Helm 15, the 3 T-Treaties (TPP, TTIP, TISA), the looming currency crisis or other events scheduled for September 2015.

… or are these Amateurish False Flag Shootings Set Up to Collect Data on Post-Crisis Reaction?

Since the elite own the MSM and Hollywood, they could pull off a false flag shooting that looked way more believable than what we have been seeing. Is it possible these amateurish false flag shootings are calculatedly fake? In other words, are they a kind of test to see who’s paying attention? Is one of the main points (alongside gun control, promotion of fear, promulgation of terror, police state mental conditioning and distraction) to collect data on post-crisis reaction?

Post-Crisis Reaction

Remember how utterly fake Sandy Hook was. It was another surreal false flag psy-op, because the entire location was a movie set. In her excellent presentation on Sandy Hook, Sofia Smallstorm highlighted how the entire false flag operation “contained built-in coordination behavior of public and professionals, including post crisis observation and management” in Agenda 21 style. Additionally, thanks to the outstanding research of citizen journalist DJ (YouTube channel Level 9 News), we now know that Jade Helm is about the advancement of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and putting a machine (the Jade 2 program) in charge of everything, as a command and control, network centric operator.

The elite, with all their supercomputers, are watching you closely. They’re recording and analyzing every single movement you make. They want a technocracy where they can rule the world through technology. To the elite, it’s quite possible that collecting data on post-crisis reaction may be the most valuable thing of all about these amateurish false flags – because then they know more about

Source for this article: why are the elite orchestrating so many false flags

14 thoughts on “Crisis actors exposed, the doubles and media blunders…. Pictures state 1000 words.

  1. Joshua Pearson

    Curious to know if any of these photographs have been put through any facial recognition software? If not, they certainly should and the findings made public. The public seems to have the same response with anything resembling a conspiracy as they do a salesman at their door. Convenient if you are a conspirator. However, the implications of these things being true is profound, and certainly deserving of being discovered. I wish you the best in getting to the bottom of it. God bless.

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  3. casey

    Check out the hollywood Ben Kingsley and compare him to Taliban “intelligence chief and arms dealer” Mohammed Zahir.

  4. Pingback: Une récompense décernée au meilleur acteur dans les False Flag US ! – National Hoax Awards voit le jour | Stop Mensonges

  5. CJ

    David Wheeler = ACTOR. Fake Sandy Hook “father of victim.” Professional movie actor David Wheeler starred in the movie FAITHFUL (2001). It appears that David Wheeler played 2 roles during the Sandy Hook gun-grab Hoax. Role #1 was “father of dead child,” and Role #2 was DHS soldier in Newtown CT. (PHOTO):

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  7. Ben Franklin

    Really really good information. Has nothing to do with Jesus or Satan, though. Has to do with installing a totalitarian fascist regime to protect the wealthy and bourgeoisie from the inevitable worker’s revolution as water becomes more scarce, food sources begin to disappear, and economic eugenics become more obvious.

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  11. SNAP

    the Dalt hotel on 34 Turk street is totally against most of it’s tenants who do not want to join in on their pretty much daily activities planned for it’s tenants or anyone who doesn’t want to make friends with their many alcoholics drug addicts drug dealers and people who would rather go off on their own rather than join in on endless attend this and attend that plans inside this building. Lies told to me lies told about me and endless b.s. is all that goes on their. Protect and defend all the people who don’t admit to saying stuff about me that isn’t true and don’t admit to calling me names and try to start arguments with me all the time etc. People who work there are hired to protect and defend guilty people since there is only so much jail space etc. If section 8 housing with affordable rates has nothing but this happening at all these kinds of residential hotels then I know moving won’t help. I’m a targeted individual anyway and know moving won’t help. Most people here are and it really shows!The only reason the elevators stop breaking down constantly all the time is because of the thing I’m doing right now, complaining about stuff like that online! All the other fake and phoney stuff that goes on their is just plain stupid actually and I won’t get into any actual trouble for not attending any planned events in the building but I can tell all of the obvious “don’t talk to her she’s this or that” b.s. is truly horrible!!! Way too much backstabbing b.s. going on all the time to even write here but at least I know I can’t get into any actual trouble for not making friends with the drug dealers/addicts/drunks etc etc. I’m just given a bad reputation and all these people do is make up phoney stories about me. Typing this helps me feel better though as does comparing notes with other people who get put through the same stuff!!! It is true that there is only so much those so called social workers can do, and of course the real lack of jail/prison space etc.!


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