Ebola and the number 17…. what the Fu×k is all this about?

The numbers 7 and 17 have been encoded EXTENSIVELY with countless false flags and hoaxes .

I am 100% sure that this  is no coincidence!

Here is a list up to now:

Sierra Leone News: Ebola17Deaths



Ebola Kills 7 In Liberia, Health Official Says

17 /2014



Seven die in Monrovia Ebola outbreak

17 June 2014



17 Die of Ebola Virus in Sierra Leone

Published: 12th June 2014



Ebola cases in Congo rise to 17

Published: Sep 25, 2007

“…About 400 people have been ill and more than 170 have died in the DRC outbreak, which began in April, according to reports.”



Ebola Virus in Uganda: At Least 17 Dead

Published 08/06/2012…..



Ebola: Death toll rises to 17

Publish Date: Aug 03, 2012



FTR #17The Ebola Virus



Ebola History

2007 / Democratic Republic of Congo / Percentage of deaths 71%



Here the number 17 appears 10 times in an article about ebola zaire strain



Liberia: 17 Survive From Ebola – MoH

5 AUGUST 2014



Ebola: Two Die Over Salt Intake, As House Vows To Tackle Virus

Published: Aug 9 2014

“THE 17 local government councils in Plateau State have agreed to come together to combat the dreaded Ebola virus head on and thwart its spread to the state.”



Hoosier stuck in Africa during Ebola outbreak

Published: Aug 8, 2014

“Everyone in Jones’ group was safe and healthy and the students were staying inside in the home of a university president in Monrovia. They were scheduled to fly back to the U.S. on Aug. 17



The threat of Ebola: Is the US safe from pandemic?

Published: Aug 8, 2014

“Ebola is not on the top list of 17 neglected tropical diseases, but it does fit the definition of an infection caused by pathogens that is proportionally impact individuals living in extreme poverty, especially in developing countries.”



FACTBOX – Resource companies’ responses to Ebola threat

Published: Aug 8, 2014

“The Calgary-based company said drilling at its Block LB-13 would be delayed due to the reduced presence of expatriates in Liberia since the Ebola outbreak. COPL holds a17 percent working interest in Block LB-13 and ExxonMobil Corp the rest.”

(source is blocked here, but do a google search on the title)


Indian companies like Bharti Airtel & Vedanta group issue travel bans to Ebola-hit nations

Published: Aug 9 2014

“Airtel Africa runs GSM services in 17African countries including Sierra Leone, one of the countries worst affected by the virus.”



Ebola outbreak is not an investing opportunity

Published: Aug 8, 2014

“Commentary by Turney Duff, a former trader at the hedge fund Galleon Group. Duff chronicled the spectacular rise and fall of his career on Wall Street in the book, “The Buy Side.” The paperback edition comes out June 17..”



Record Ebola epidemic strikes

Published: Aug 8, 2014

“in April, Fabian Leendertz led a 17-member team to Guinea.”

“One reason fruit bats may be under the spotlight: a study published April 17 in Viruses.”



Irish neighbors rally to support brother of tragic Ebola crusader

Published: Aug 7, 2014

“It was on the way home from a playground with his son that Amadu, who left Sierra Leone 17 years ago…”



BioCrystfunded for Ebola treatment trials

“Over the last month, BioCryst’s shares have gone up by nearly 17 percent.”

. and then there is the number 22

“Britt, who anchors the Health Exchange blog for MarketWatch, wrote in a Tuesday post that Tekmira’s shares fell by nearly 22 percent.”

“NIAID initially granted a contract to BioCryst in September 2013. The contract is valued at up to $22 million over five years.”

‘The Ebola outbreak, which started around March, has spread to four African countries and has 1,176 reported cases, according to the CDC.’



Liberia Finds 17 Ebola Patients Who Fled Mob



Nigeria confirms another Ebola case, 17 cases total

Published September 02, 2014



Will Obama’s Plan Bring The Ebola Outbreak Under Control?

September 17  2014

“…His $[b][color=red]17[/color][/b]5 million proposal is more expensive, far-reaching and ambitious than anything else that’s been thrown at this outbreak.”

“American troops will construct 17 Ebola treatment centers in Liberia”



Ebola cases doubling every two weeks in worst areas

Broadcast: 17/09/2014



Boeing C-17 lands in Liberia opening US military anti-Ebola airlift



U.N. Leader Plans Stronger Presence in Ebola Zone

SEPT.17 2014



New Nigeria Ebola case takes country total to 17

September 1, 2014

http://www.buenosairesherald.com/article/168632/new-nigeria-ebola-case-takes-country-total-t17 return from Ebola-hit Liberia, one person isolated at IGI



Health services overwhelmed by Ebola

Broadcast: 17 09/2014

“My understanding is they’re coming in mainly a logistical team to build I think about [b][color=red]17[/color][/b] hospitals or treatment centers’



U.S. Military to Fight Ebola: ‘What Does Victory Look Like?’

“It would include the construction of [b][color=red]17[/color][/b] Ebola treatment centers across Liberia ”

“C-17 aircraft carrying military handling equipment arrived in Monrovia this week and two more C17 s will arrive this weekend ”



World Bank Says Ebola’s Spread May Have Catastrophic Cost

“The spread of the virus may cost Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, the three nations where most infections have taken place, as much as $809 million, the World Bank said on Sept. 17. ”

“Nigeria has a population of about 170 million…”



Credits : GLP

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