Atom Bomb Poem written by my Dad during the cold war.

My Dad wrote this one.

Atom Bomb
Unto Desolation
Prelude to annihilation
Of our Planet

Four Square Miles of devastation
Mark your progress with a scythe.
Furious, firey, Scintillating
Through Hir’shima, death doth ride

Nagasaki, scared, cremated,
Naked, ghastly, silent ,dumb
Dead, entombed, incinerated
Airship circle o’er thy tomb

Pseudo-science, misanthropic,
Playing with neutrons, nuclei
Cosmic forces microscopic
How myopic is thin eye.

See you not whole cities shattered
Hear you not the fearful roar
Of Atomic bomb being scattered
Myraid’s wallowing in their gore.

Call this science, atomic splitting
Spilling human blood in streams
Far out Heading Herod
Hiroshima, Horrid Screams

Fill the noontide, swell the Welkin
Wails of Women, children, sires
Blood of millions crying for vengeance.
From the smoldering funeral pyers

Oh, ye Peoples, Rulers Nations
Halt this juggernaut of war
Jethson Atomic Bombing
Leave Peace Temple’s door ajar,

‘Ere the sound of Gabriels trumpet
rings its clarion bugle call
in the vale of jehosophet,
To the Nation’s one and all

Calling War Lords to the Judgement
Ye who loosed Atomic fire
On the World, to its Torment
“Hide us mountains from His ire”

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