Occult Masonic signatures and Master Numbers decoded from the Mainstream Media


Call of Beauty = 808 > 88  Hebrew

“Brit Girls Fliers Blast ISIS Scum In Syria” = 444 

“Brit Girls Fliers Blast ISIS Scum In Syria” = 1970 >1+9+7+0 = 17   Hebrew

It must be true …



Capital Letter  A = 1   and 5 ft = 1.524 Meters

Reduce > 1+1+5+2+4 = 13  



The Dirty Zionist Western Mainstream Media lies start to pour in with Occult  numbered quoted encoded Freemason Text.

“We knew it was phosphorus because the entire sky lit up and when it settled it set everything on fire”

Above = 8482 > 8+4+8+2 = 22  Hebrew Gematria (Master Builder)
Above = 1057 > 1+0+5+7 = 13   Simple English (Occult “13” signature)

London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights estimates that of the 1,502 people killed in Russian airstrikes, 32 percent were civilians”.

Reduce above figures >1+5+0+2+3+2 = 13  (Occult “13” signature)

LondonbasedSyrianObservatoryforHumanRightsestimatesthatofthe1502peoplekilledinRussianairstrikes32percentwerecivilians = 117 Characters

117 = 39+39+39 or 13+13+13+13+13+13+13+13+13 “Barack” = 117

Source: Russia accused of war crimes for dropping white phosphorus on civilian targets


The headline above is a complete mainstream media play on Occult Masonic Numerology.

Jesus completed his ministry at the age of 33 and of course 33 is the highest level of Scottish rite Masonry.

quoted text: ‘Christmas in Washington’ = 22 Letters (Master Builder)

Quoted text Christmas in Washington’  = 1705 > 1+7+0+4 = 13  Hebrew

Three Headline Capitals ACW”  = 27 

Source: Washing Post.Washing Post.

In the image of course you have the “Man of Sin”.




Quoted BBC Headline Text: ‘hits 238 IS oil trucks‘ > 2+3+8 = 13  

Quoted Text: “Hits Is Oil Truck” = 868 >8+6+8 = 22 (Hebrew Gematria and “22” represents the Masonic “Master Builder”) )

Gematria result 868 + figures 238> reduced 6+8+6+2+3+8 = 33 

Number 33 represents the Highest level of Scott rite Masonary.

Russia and the Syrian Government are the ONLY nations fighting US / Zionist / Turkish backed terrorist organisations in Syria.

# Dirty Lies from Western Mainstream Media 



A nice little exercise for budding numerologists

“coalition of devils” = 17 Characters (Renowned Mossad signature)


Video lasts precisely 1 minute and 25 seconds = 0.0236 Decimal hours > 0+2+3+6 = 11 (Master Number)

Department of Justice says terror threats being monitored as group vows it will “BURN” enemies

Word “BURN” appears highlighted twice so must be important

BINGO !!!!


“Burn”  Hebrew = 322  😯


US Senator John Kerry is one of them. “Skull and Bones” blueblood John Kerry seeks destruction of Syria.

“Burn” = 330 > 33    The Highest level of Scott Rite Masonary.

Ordinal = 55  

From The Video : “Established in the Year 1435 Huri “> 1+4+3+5 = 13 👿
From the Video : “80 Banners 12,000 Soldiers under each Banner” > 8+0+1+2+0+0+0 = 11 🙄 (Master Number)

We’re counting your banners, which our prophet said would reach 80 in number and then the flames of war will finally burn you on the hills of death = 8388 > 8+3+8+8 = 27 👿 (English Gematria)

# 322, 55, 33, 27, 13 11 Signatures 😯

#  A Comic Story appearing in the Irish Times that we are expected to believe. Yawn !!


Eighty-year-old Vincent Asaro found not guilty of murder, extortion and other crimes related to $6m cash and jewel heist at New York’s John F Kennedy airport

An 80-year-old reputed mobster was found not guilty on Tuesday of an alleged role in a brazen 1978 airport heist that helped inspire the Mafia movie Goodfellas.

Reduce Headline figures > 8+0+1+9+7+8 = 33  

$6m US Dollars = $8.42 Australian Dollars > 8+4+2 = 22 # Master Builder

Quoted text and capital “Not Guilty” G = 11 character Count.

Source Guardian


The police officer involved said that the couple had called “out of desperation”.

POLICE IN MANCHESTER sat down for tea with an elderly couple who made a call to emergency services because they were lonely.


Headline: 9+9+9 = 27 :

Both aged 95 = 95+95

Reduce the figures > 9+5+9+5+9+9+9 = 55 

They’re good blokes” = 886 >8+8+6 = 22       (Hebrew  gematria & “Master Builder”)

The police officer involved said that the couple had called “out of desperation”. = 77 reduced English.

Source: Journal.ie


Number 27 promoted 4 times along with a couple of 13’s thrown in.

Police said they received reports of the collapses at about 12.30pm today. It is believed the incident happened between 11am and 11.30am

““At this stage it is not known what has caused the students to fall ill and officers are working with the fire service to establish what has caused the incident”,” 130 > 13 character count


Headline of this latest Zionist Mainstream Media lie can be easily decoded taking simple English Gematria values of CAPITAL letters do decode Occultist Masonic fingerprints.

The most sickening ISIS video yet:    ....Shocking film shows jihadist barbarians massacring 200 Syrian CHILDREN in mass execution

Ordinal Gematria of Capital  T ISIS = 76 >7+6 = 13
Ordinal Gematria of Capital Letters “S 200 S CHILDREN” = 111 / 666

Other Mainstream Media are playing similar Occultist Numbers games. 

Daily Express

Utterly horrifying: ISIS militants gun down hundreds of CHILDREN in most sickening video

U ISIS CHILDREN = 13 Characters

The Video will set itself at precisely 33 seconds long as soon as it commences.

The Number 33 is the Highest level of Scottish Rite Freemasonry.

More Examples.

The above file clip appeared in the Journal  

The Letter “D” on an Irish car registration plate represents the county of Dublin.

The letter D is also the 4th letter of the Alphabet.so D = 4

Reduce the figures on the registration plate>  Reduce 1+4+2+4+1+0+1+5+9 = 27

27 is the reduced value of 666+666+666 In other words 666+666+666= 1998 and 1+9+9+8 = 27.

The above file clip also appeared in the Journal

The letter D is also the 4th letter of the Alphabet.so D = 4

Reduce the figures on the registration plate > 1+5+1+4+6+3+6+7 = 33 

The Number 33 is the Highest level of Scottish Rite Freemasonry.

Jesus Completed his earthly Ministry at the age of 33

Thou shalt not sell priceless artefacts: Thousand-year-old Bible found in Turkey after bungling smugglers try to sell it to undercover police

1000 years = 365250 days (including 250 leap days)

365250 days = 8766000 Hours

Reduce 8766000 > 8+7+6+6+0+0+0 = 27

Thousand-year-old Bible found in Turkey after smugglers sell it to police | Daily Mail Online

Watch your step! World’s largest glass walkway opens in China with panoramic views


“Worlds largest glass walkway opens in China over a 2300 ft drop. The Horseshoe shaped glass walkway Chongqing extends 875 feet from the edge of a cliff allowing visitors to feel as though they are walking on air in the valley”

875 feet  +   2300 ft  =  3175 ft  convert to  967.74 Meters and reduce > 9+6+7+7+4 = 33

George Orwell 1984 > Reduced 1+9+8+4 = 22 The Number that represents the Masonic Master Builder.

Football is a favorite for promoting Occult numbers. Football fans are more interested in watching the game and players skills than reducing figures on media presentations. Tabloid Football pages are a favorite for depicting reduced value Masonic Master Numbers.


Reduce the Jersey figures… 1+4+7+1+9 = 22 


Real Madrid 3-0 Eibar: Cristiano Ronaldo ends free-kick goal drought as Javier Hernandez makes the most of rare start Real Madrid earn 3-0 La Liga victory against Eibar Cristiano Ronaldo gives Madrid the lead with first-half free kick Javier Hernandez doubles home side’s lead with 31st minute header  Jese completes 3-0 victory with brilliant strike in the closing stages …3+3+3+1+3= 13

As it happened: Rugby World Cup – Ireland 24-9 France… 24+9=33

   42 = 7×6 > 76 reduce 7+6 = 13

> 2+0+2+6+1 = 11 That Master Number “11”.

Inside the world’s strangest road race

Around 650 foreign runners took part in the annual North Korea marathon….. 6+5+0=11


Reduce the visible numbers on the bottom left 5+3+1+5+2+6+7+3+1+7+4 = 44

Inside the world’s strangest road race

Around 650 foreign runners took part in the annual North Korea marathon….. 6+5+0=11

Two people pulled alive from rubble five days after Nepal earthquake = 13

Day = 24 Hours

Two + Five +2+4 = 13

Example 6 

Teacher, 65, set to be oldest mother of quads (and she already has 13 children)

6+5 = 11 and the 13 kids


Example 9 Simple English & Hebrew Gematria exercise 

World’s youngest DJ is just two years old but already has a dedicated following of thousands of fans.

gue (1)

Two-year-old Oratilwe Hlongwane can wow fans by playing music on DJ kit

Performing under DJ name of ‘AJ’, toddler plays house music from a laptop
He still wears nappies and can’t yet talk but has a legion of fans for DJ-ing
Parents believe his ability stemmed from DJ app he taught himself to use

“Oratilwe Hlongwane” has a 17 letter character count.

The ordinal English Gematria Value of “Oratilwe Hlongwane” is 202 reduce 2+0+2 = 22.

“Oratilwe Hlongwane” in Hebrew Gematria is 2236 which reduces 2+2+3+6=13

The distinct letters “GUE” on the kids T shirt has an ordinal English numerical value of 33 with no reduction

Performing under DJ name of ‘AJ’,…. AJ has a ordinal English
Gematria value of 11
with no reduction

Example 10


Example 11

daily mirrorships

136+529+138= 803 > 8+0+3 = 11

1+3+6+5+2+9+1+3+8 = 38 > 3+8 =11

Clearer image.. 

Example 13 

Driving this morning? … Gardaí are carrying out a ’24-hour speed enforcement marathon’


“24-hour speed enforcement marathon” = 319 > 3+1+9 = 13

1+5+4+3+2+9+5 = 29> 2+9 =11


Example 14 

Saudi Arabia has pledged $274 million in humanitarian aid for Yemen.

Reduce 2+7+4 = 13



Example 17

Has Angel Di Maria proved his commitment to Manchester United? Star shows off new No 7 tattoo

“Di Maria wears the No 7 shirt at Manchester United following his £60million from Real Madrid last summer”

Reduce 7+6+0 = 13

Tattoo22 (1)

XX11 = 22 in Roman Numerals.

The story is a minefield of numbers including the number 7, 13, 22, 36 (the triangular root of 666).


Example 19

Two people pulled alive from rubble five days after Nepal earthquake

Day = 24 Hours

Two + Five +2+4 = 13


“24” Add 99+24 = 123 reduced (1+2)+3 = 33


Example 22

wewillb (1)

ISIS has released yet another bloodthirsty propaganda video
The chilling video states there is ‘no safety for any American on the globe’
It features footage of the Twin Tower attacks and threatens another 9/11
Footage of beheadings, burnings and other atrocities is broadcast

…The 11 minute-long video

no safety for any American on the globe” …contains 33 characters.

burn America” …contains 11 characters.

We Will Burn America” 17 Characters.

By the grace of Allah, today the mujahideen are much more stronger and they have more resources (than) before. Thus they are able to burn (the) United States again” = 132 ( 33+33+33+33) letter characters


Example 23

Site of mass grave found at Nazis’ Belsen concentration camp – Dutch TV

mass-grave-nazi-camp.si (1)

Reduce the numbers in the above photo image

1940 bis 1945…..1+9+4+0+1+9+4+5= 33.

Add the result “33” to the text below

Dutch scientists say they have discovered a mass grave at the site of the Belsen concentration camp. The Nazis killed 70,000 people there between 1941 and 1945.

33+7+0+0+0+0+1+9+4+1+1+9+4+5=74 reduce 7+4=11


“Many of the 70,000 prisoners who died there over five years were bulldozed into unmarked mass graves around the camp, and up to 10,000 are considered to be buried in the camp area.” ….7+0+0+0+0+five+1+0+0+0+0=13


“Belsen was liberated on April 15, 1945, and UK troops set the camp on fire to avoid the spread of diseases such as typhus” …April(4)+1+5+1+9+4+5=29 and 2+9=11.


Other Examples…

The following were all are taken from this mornings MSM press….

The Irish Prison Service asked for 166 armed escorts last year for people like Derek Brockwell1+6+6 = 13

Grandfather who claimed almost £24,000 in benefits despite having sold house to create £88,000 nest egg for his grandchildren is jailed… 2+4+0+0+0+8+8+0+0+0 = 22

Bookmakers slash odds on royal baby being called Alice: Name now favourite at 4/1 after being 14/1 last week 4+1+1+4+1=11

Here’s what 10.3 million illegal cigarettes looks like Drop the Zero 1+0+3 becomes 13 …..They had a retail value of €4.7 million. Reduce 4+7=11
The cigarettes seized represent a potential loss to the Exchequer of over €3.9 million, 39 or 13+13+13. The Demonic number “13” triplicated.

A man got so angry that the plane seat in front of him was reclined that he was fined €6,500 …6+5+0+0 = 11

‘I Instagrammed myself thin’: Obese woman loses NINE STONE by posting pictures of her meals online for strangers… after doctor warned she’d be dead by 35 9+3+5 = 17

Threat of national bus and train strike looms
Another subtle example of how occult numerology can be portrayed by using very well selected press clip art images ..

Most Facebook articles have a lead sentence. Which is in heavier typeset than the rest. The capital letters are important and should all be valued.

Next are (Bracketed words or “words” or “sentence” in inverted commas”    Numbers need to be gathered up and reduced some may appear in images. others are encoded in words such as “year”.(365)   Day (24) Teenager (1+3+1+9) etc.. you will then need to reduce the figures.

If you see just one capital in the whole sentence and no other highlighted words that capital will be the value of that sentence. The letter “M” is extremely common as it is the 13th letter of the alphabet.

Tabloids such as the Daily Mail or Sun will lead a sensational article about cats and have loads of figures. These will all add up of course however readers will be too caught up in the story to pay attention..

REDUCING Numbers is not the same as Adding Numbers.


1 Foot = 12

5 MILES = 8800 Yards = 88

25 MILES = 44000 Yards = 44


24/7 > 2+4+7 = 13

WEEK = 7   , MONTH = 4    YEAR = 3+6+5

Year can also be multiplied to create weeks  days or even hours to achieve that 27 or Master Number. 

TEENAGER / TEEN = 1+3+1+9

HUNDREDS, THOUSANDS, MILLIONS, 1000, 1,0000000 will ALWAYS = 1   (1+0+0+0+0 = 1)

You ALWAYS drop and do not include zeros, commas, decimal points, hyphens etc when collecting figures,

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