The Number 117 (39+39+39) and Barack Obama.

The Decimal English Numerical Value of “Barack” is 117

English Decimal Gematria taken directly from the Greek system 


Decimal English Gematria calculator. 

B = 2 _A=1_R=90_A=1_C=3_K=20 total = 117

117 = 39+39+39

117 = (13+13+13)+(13+13+13)+(13+13+13)

The “Dragon” another word for Satan is mentioned 39 times in the book of revelations.

God Hates the Number “13”

The Number 13 is encoded seven times in Pope Francis 2013 election date.

Everything you ever need to know about the Number “13”

Gematria and Numerology Full Site 


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