HOAX ALERT !!! …Grand Theatre cinema shooting, Lafayette, Louisiana on 23 July 2015

“THE GR ND” = 76 > 7+6 = 13

“train wreck” 1228 > 1+2+2+8 = 13 Hebrew

Police said the shooter was 58-year-old “Lone white male” 5+8=13…
Lone white male.” = 13 letter characters.

Here are a few names that have been dropped, the Shooter has yet to be named but no doubt will be another demonic “13” or some occult / Master Number.

“George Solomon” = 13 letters
“Katie Domingue” = 13 letters
“Domingue” = 88 ..
“Clay Henry” = 666 …The Devils Number

“Jena Meaux threw shielded her close friend Ali Martin from the gunman, Pictured – the hero teachers of Lafayette theater shooting: Woman took a bullet to save her friend who then ran to fire alarm to evacuate building”  Daily Mail.

“Jena Meaux” = 94 >9+4=13

“Ali+Martin” 290 > 2+9+0 = 11  Hebrew

….So far it has raised more than $1,000 of its $10,000 target. Reduce> 1+0+0+0+1+0+0+0+0=11     (Don’t add the Master)

Trainwreck Star Amy Schumer ‘Heart is Broken’ Over La. Theatre Shooting ..”Heart is Broken” = 13 Characters.

Louisiana shooting: three confirmed dead at movie theater

Update The Suspect Named as “John Russell Houser” = 17 letter Characters.

“John Russell Houser”  Reduced English = 77

# The Number “17”

MH17, 17 Shot on 17th 7th 2014

17 shot at Charlie Hebdo,

Benjamin Netanyahu = 17 Characters, re elected on 17th March.

17 leaves in each of the two olive branches on the Mossad Crest.

Shooting at Lafayette Louisiana Theater is an Arch-Zionist Gun Control Plot

Shooting at Lafayette Louisiana Theater is an Arch-Zionist Gun Control Plot
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Shooting at Lafayette Louisiana Theater is an Arch-Zionist Gun Control Plot

Updated, Sat. July 24, 2015

What a bunch of blithering buffoons they are, once again on behalf of their Zionist masters faking a public shooting hoax. This is in regard to a purported shooting at a Lafayette, Louisiana, theater, where a number of people were purportedly killed and wounded.

It’s an absolute fake. By no means was anyone shot at, actually shot, or killed. Nothing happened, here. It was all staged:


Sure it is, just like before, in this partially censored image. It’s a downed movie-goer, who was shot by a lone, mad gunman and is being helped only by good Samaritans. Note the man who is walking by casually with a up of coffee. He later puts the coffee down and comes back to help haul the crisis actor away.

Also, watch the man in red with the greenish shorts. He sure doesn’t appear to be reacting to a deadly shooting:

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 1.52.08 PM

He just slowly paces his way over there. This image, combined with the man with the coffee cup, acts as hard proof of staging and hoaxing. No one is reacting to a real shooting. Even the fake dead didn’t react to it, in one case, that is in the case of the supposedly shot dead Skip Wells, calling it an “active shooter” event.

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 1.51.15 PM

The man in red and Mr. Coffee are not concerned in the least that someone has been shot and nearly killed.

Let it be known, though, that the Louisiana agents are exceedingly poor hoaxers. They merely stand about and make it ever so obvious that this is a fake and an arch-scam:

Yet, it is said:

Col. Mike Edmondson, Superintendent of the Louisiana State Police, speaks with the media outside of Johnston Street Java near the Grand Theatre on July 23, 2015 in Lafayette, Louisiana. Three people are dead and seven more injured after a gunman opened fire inside the Grand Theatre. The gunman, whose identity is being withheld by police, is among the dead.


Sure it is, right. He’s dead like virtually all the others. All of a sudden the Charleston, S.C., wax figure-based super hoax is forgotten, it’s place being taken now by a number of desperately orchestrated fakes and fabrications.  Make no mistake about it all that is said about this as a real shooting is nothing other than arch-lies, all aimed, once again, at gun control and confiscation. The chief agents behind this treachery are once again the Zionists:

The star of the show Amy Schumer is playing her role, like Trump, issuing ‘heart-felt’ condolences for people who were never shot or wounded:

Even so, who believes there was a real shooting to any degree happening at the purported theater. It is all a mere stage show, just like all the others:


Do these women look like they are reacting to a real shooting? Who believes they are anything other than crisis actors?


Ah, the drama of it all, the lies, the deceit, the deception, the corruption, and far more. These are the tricks of the arch-criminal, hedonistic Zionist mob. It is they who orchestrated these fakes through their vile, terminally corrupt entity, the lying, thieving DHS.

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 2.04.23 PM

It is they who have imposed all these frauds upon the people, while the gullible, vulnerable goy fall all over it as if true. ‘Get those guns, now, before it’s too late, before there is another senseless shooting.’

From one of our posters, surely, the story lines change continuously:

There are contradictions all over the place
“Shooter was ‘deliberate and took his time’ during shooting”

Yet the Emily crisis actor said he acted “randomly” “obviously shooting randomly”


“Authorities are waiting to view the surveillance video from the theater.”

Of course, this will NOT be made public

“He was staying at the Motel 6 on University Avenue. Police searched his hotel room this morning and found wigs and other disguises. They suspect he was going to try to change his appearance after the shooting. ”

Sure he was, right, he was planning to change into a disguise but kills himself anyways..yeah that makes sense..

“Houser drove a 1995 blue Lincoln Continental”

19 + 9 + 5 = 33

4 thoughts on “HOAX ALERT !!! …Grand Theatre cinema shooting, Lafayette, Louisiana on 23 July 2015

  1. Josh

    I can tell you, as far as deaths, THIS WAS NO HOAX! Before posting BS like this, you should have flown out to Franklin LA and gone to the Funeral! I read one of the mass shootings in another state was a “hoax”. I thought it was a possibility, UNTIL NOW! You are a complete FOOL! SHAME on YOU for posting incorrect information….YOU ARE ADDING TO THIS NATIONS PROBLEM!

    1. Abert Locan Post author

      Enough Shills about…The Numbers always show up the hoaxes…there are also countless other videos on this hoax . This is all about fear mongering and demonizing lawful gun ownership. Immediate Returned Fire is the only solution to any crazed shooter.

    2. No

      I personally know some of the victims. As Josh said get your story straight before you post blasphemous stories of this horrible event.


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