Isis release disturbing trailer! …..but it leaves its NO “11” Fingerprints

Looking at this Professional Hollywood style trailer, the future is looking darker than dark!

The trailer was obviously created by some twat on the CIA payroll, but it won’t stop the false flags and manufactured mayhem will no doubt soar in the coming months. Batten down the hatches.

“ITS ABOUT TO GET REAL”  = 17 Characters

“ITS ABOUT TO GET REAL” = 920 >9+2+0 = 11 (Hebrew Gematria)

A full letter count of the wording in the script played in the video comes to 110

“a new age rises of a legacy enslavement to enlightenment humiliation to khilafah the promise has arrived now its time a new age rises” = 110 > 11 (Drop the Zero ).

ISIS = 56 >5+6=11

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