Another Arch Zionist Occult numerically encoded psychops with Charlie Hebdo on the Kurdi Kid

English is the official language of the Antichrist and World Order… Check out the encoded numerical values of the press translations in this latest Western Main stream Media psychological operation.

‘Muslim children sink’ = 697 > 6+9+7 = 22 Hebrew Gematria

“Christians walk on water” = 263 >2+6+3 = 13 Simple English Gematria.

“So Close to Goal’ = 13 Characters 👿

‘Two children’s menus for the price of one’. = 33 Characters (Illuminati Jackpot)

“The proof that Europe is Christian” = 29 Characters 2+9 = 11

Earlier in the year we had “Je Suis Charlie” = 13 Characters.

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