The Number 132 = 66+66 magnified in false flags and Media headlines

The Number 132 = 66+66 or 33+33+33+33



“Black September” = 132 or  66+66

1972 Munich Massacre 



MH17 crashed 132 (66+66) days after MH370

Killed Sandy

132 (66+66) Students killed at Peshawar 



Tatiana Farook is the wife of Syed Farook San Bernardino HOAX

“Tatiana Farook” = 132  or 66+66 



“we #stand with France # we are not afraid” = 33 Characters 

Paris death tole rises to 132 

“Peace for Paris” = 132 or 33+33+33+33 or 66+66


A minute’s silence is held to remember the 132 people murdered in Paris terror attack


Mapped: how penalty points cost us £132 million a year in extra car insurance premiums

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