The Occult Numerology behind ISIS


ISIS / ISIL / Islamic State is 100% American / Zionist / Mason who share the same bed with SATAN 
This can be very easily verified by both Hebrew and Simple English and encoded Occult Master Numbers.

Russia certainly dose not encode Freemason Numerology into its manufactured regime changing and false flag “Head Hacking” terrorist organisations.

ISIS = 56 > 5+6=11   The Master Number “11”
ISIL = 49 > 4+9 = 13 That Demonic Masonic Number “13”
ISIL = 128> = 11 Hebrew Gematria.    Master Number “11”

Allahu Akbar = 88  (“Muslims are Evil “Buzz word used by Political Zionists in nearly all their false flags )
“Jihadi John” = 88  
Jihad John 27  years old was born precisely 27 years,  13 days after Barack Obama’s date of birth.

27 and 13 are EVIL  Numbers. 666+666+666=1998 and 1+9+9+8 = 27 (# 27 club)

“Omar Ismail” = 110  > 11  Paris False Flag “Muslim” Terrorist
Mostefai” = 88  (Paris False Flag “Muslim” Terrorist)

Osama Bin Laden” = 11  Arch Zionist / Us Government FAKE boogeyman that died multiple times)

“Abdelhamid Abaaoud” = 343 = 7x7x7 Hebrew Gematria (God Number and Mason Signiture, Paris Crisis actor)

“Order out of Chaos” =  777 Hebrew Gematria A coded Signature you will find in Mossad Zionist pulled false flags

From the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia established on 23 September 1932 to ISIS declared Caliphate on 29 June 2014 is 29,864 days. This equates to 777 months 777 weeks and 777 days


“Mark-1 plumbing” = 137 simple English.

The number 137 is the 33rd Prime Number.

The Number “33” is the highest level of Scott Rite Masonry.

Texas Plumber Says Life Was Ruined By Jihadi Video Showing His Work Truck





Sources of Information on Numerology and Gematria behind

Paris 13th November False Flag in Occult Numerology
US Manufactured Terrorists Jihadi John

“Order Out Of Chaos” =777 in Hebrew Gematria.[/url]

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