Latest “Paris Attack” ISIS Video: FAKE Zionist / Mason encoded numerology in all fabricated names.


Sources: New ISIS video features ‘last words’ of Paris attackers, threats to UK

Summary for those who don’t want to watch Daesh video ( i did not, copied and pasted from another site)

Beginning -Outlining of the target and the death toll of the Paris Attacks, along with an introduction of the names of the 9 main perpetrators of the massacre.

Abu ‘Umar al-Baljiki – Abu ‘Umar delivers a low-quality audio message overlayed with shots of the Paris attacks in progress and the French “taghut” leaders. He assures France, and the rest of the Anti-ISIS coalition, that they will never have security again. The video then cuts to video of him delivering his message from what looks to be a small apartment, shot on an equally low-quality camcorder.

Abu Qital al-Faransi – Abu Qital delivers a fairly vanilla short speech about being an envoy of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi to terrorize France and calling on French Muslims to have honor and kill French disbelievers.

Abu Fu’ad al-Faransi – Abu Fu’ad, after delivering a short speech about the obligation on Muslims to go into battle, beheads a prisoner with added bone-cracking sound effects. Afterwards, Abu Qital crouches over, picks up the severed head, and whispers into the camera, “Soon, in Champs-Elysees”. He smirks knowlingly.

Abu Mujahed al-Baljiki – With body language clearly trying to evoke some kind of “bad boy” persona, Abu Mujahed again, like the others in the video, calls out France for its terror campaign against the Muslims. He then beheads a prisoner and then waves it around, assuring that this is what awaits the disbelievers.

‘Ukashah al-‘Iraqi and ‘Ali al-‘Iraqi” These two promise that ISIS will conquer Rome, and eventually the world, before shooting two prisoners. The shots of the corpses of the prisoners are intertwined with shots of various world leaders, implying they are next.

Abul Qa’qa’ al-Baljiki – The video opens with Abul Qa’qa’ at target practice, accompanied by a digitally blurred trainer. Many of the shots he takes are overlayed with video of the Paris attacks where similar gunshots are heard in the background.

[B]Dhul-Qarnayn al-Baljiki[/B] – Dhul-Qarnayn is sitting in a park (presumably in ar-Raqqah), and begins delivering a message addressed to Hollande and Obama. He outlines that this attack is revenge for their bombings in Mali, Syria, and Iraq. Afterwards, he beheads a prisoner in a separate desert location, with many bone breaking and blood gushing sound effects added in. He then shows off the head with a smile.

Abu Rayyan al-Faransi – In a similar position as Dhul-Qaranayn, Abu Rayyan sits by a river and assures France that they will taste a terrible attack for their actions against the Muslims. Before he beheads the prisoner, he mentions that this is repayment for ‘Ayn al-Islam, implying that ISIS has acknowledged their defeat. He then beheads the prisoner, whom Hollande’s face is digitally overlayed on as he bleeds out.

Ending – Shots of the British Parliament debating the Syrian airstrikes are shown, and David Cameron’s face specifically is brought into focus with a statement that aligns Britain with France in the War on Terror. It is implied that Britain is next on the list to be attacked.

I couldn’t be arsed reading or watching another John McCain / Zionist Hollywood created script with the usual “Muslims are Evil” soundtrack.

All gematria in simple English unless stated. (reduced = add result 164 = 1+6+4 = 11)

“Abu ‘Umar al-Baljiki” = 144  roman numerals CXLIV = 1032 drop zero 132 (33+33+33+33)

“Abu Umar”  = 77    (Short version)

“Abu Qital al-Faransi” = 164   reduced 1+6+4 =   11   Master Number

Abu Qital = 83   reduced 8+3 = 11    (Short version)

“Abu Fuad Al Faransi” = 137 reduce 1+3+7 =  11  also 137 is the 33rd Prime Number.

Abu Faud = 56 reduced = 11    (Short version)

Abu Mujahed al-Baljiki = 1723  reduce to 13 Hebrew Gematria

‘Ali al-‘Iraqi = 220  reduced 22 Hebrew Gematria (Master Builder)

‘Ukashah al-‘Iraqi = 508 reduced 13 Hebrew Gematria

Abul Qa’qa’ al-Baljiki = 1037 reduced = 11 (Hebrew Gematria)

Abul Qa’qa’ al-Baljiki = 139 reduced = 13

“Dhul-Qarnayn al-Baljiki” = 202  reduced 22 Master Builder

“Abu Rayyan al-Faransi” = 137   Reduces to 11 also 137 is the 33rd Prime Number.

Sources: New ISIS video features ‘last words’ of Paris attackers, threats to UK




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