Brussels Bombing was another Occultist Zionist Jew Freemason Hoax

Gematria and Numerology is starting to unravel on date distances, personal names and timing of this latest Zionist orchestrated Hoax.

If you believe “radical Muslims” observe satanic holidays and name their groups after pagan goddesses, I have some real estate in Mesopotamia to sell you


“Radical Muslims” (meaning fanatical wahhabis and other extreme-puritanical types) do not celebrate other people’s holidays…least of all the holidays of satanists.

Yet we are told that ISIS, whose acronym invokes a pagan goddess, has just conducted a big human sacrifice in Brussels on a major satanic holiday.

And it’s somehow all the fault of “radical Islam.”

Yeah, right.

The date 3/22 (322) is not only the emblem of America’s leading CIA-Freemasonic elite group, Skull and Bones.

On this very date 3/22 March 1980 the Georgia Guidestones were commissioned and precisely 33 years later on 3/22 March 2013 Barack Obama set foot on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and visited the Birth Place of Christ.


Je suis Bruxelles Ik ben Brussel = 27 Characters.:evil:

The date distance between the Zionist orchestrated Paris Hoax of 13th November 2015 and Brussels 3/22 Hoax of 2016 is 130 days = 13  in Numerology you drop that Zero as it has no significant value.

Brussels Bombing ….the Numbers.

“Third brush with terror: American Mormon, 19, left with burns and shrapnel injuries in Brussels attack also survived Boston and Paris bombings“.

The odds of the above happening would have to be one in 20 million. three terror attacks? FFS.

“The State Department said Wednesday that at least 12 Americans have been injured in the attacks, including Mormon missionary Mason Wells, 19, his two colleagues, a U.S. Air Force officer and the serviceman’s five family members“.

1+2+1+9 = 13 :evil:

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the double blasts, which left at least 34 people dead including three of the terrorists and nearly 200 people injured“.

34+200 = 234 (6x6x6+6+6+6) :evil:

And it is a similar technique used by the terrorists who attacked Paris, where Mason was last year when 130 people were killed

Alleged Paris attack took place 130 days ago with 130 alleged killed = 130 (drop that Zero) = 13 :evil:

Mason (left) was with Joseph Empey (right) at the time of the attack. Joseph was also severely injured but is alive and recovering from his injuries

Joseph Empey = 137 Simple English and 137 is the 33rd Prime Number.


“Karen Northshield” = 55  Hebrew Gematria another Zionist Jew Crisis actor.

Article  link and Information: Daily Mail. 

Following taken From

One of the first videos published by Belgium’s mainstream media, was, according to reports, from the  CC security surveillance cameras at Brussels airport. The video report was released at 9.07am, one hour after the first bomb attack at the airport.

The video was fake. What Derniere Heure and La Libre published was footage from a January 2011 terror attack at Moscow International airport.

Journalists and media editors are fully aware that surveillance videos at an airport are under the jurisdiction of  the airport’s security authorities. They are not normally released immediately after a terror attack.

There was no way the media could have got hold of the surveillance videos in the immediate wake of the attacks. Moreover, following the attack, the airport was closed down. 

In another words, the airport surveillance video would not have been available to the media less than one hour after the terror event.

What Derniere Heure did was to take the Moscow International airport video, remove the audio in Russian, change the date and broadcast it on the Internet and network TV at 9:07 AM.

Was this a stupid mistake or was it deliberate. The case of the fake airport surveillance video was fully documented in a previous Global Research article.

Below is the screenshot of DH’s report:

And here is a screenshot of the January 2011 terror attack at Moscow’s Domodedova International Airport

For analysis on the fake airport video  see:

explosions in brussels_1458647070632_1119816_ver1.0

Fake Video Used in News Coverage of Brussels Terror Attacks

Prof Michel Chossudovsky, March 22 , 2016

The Second Fake Surveillance Video at Brussels Maelbeek Metro Station 

The terror attack in the afternoon of March 22 at Brussels Maelbeek Metro station was reported by mainstream media including CNN.

In these reports, video footage from a 2011 terror attack in Minsk, Belarus was used by network TV and online media to describe what was happening in the metro station at the time of the attacks.

According to the Independent:

CCTV footage that was shared after the Brussels attacks, believed to show video from inside Maelbeek Metro station, has been proven fake.

As news emerged of the third explosion in the Belgian capital, which targeted the station situated near EU offices, many began sharing what they believed to be footage of the bombing.

However it was soon discovered that the video in fact came from the Minsk Metro bombing of 2011 that killed 15 and injured over 200 people.

The Independent’s report is based on a fallacy. It was the mainstream media that published the Moscow and Minsk video footages. It was thanks to incisive social media blog reports that the use of fake videos by the mainstream media was revealed.

The more fundamental question: two cases of fake videos:

Can we trust the mainstream media reports concerning the Brussels terror attacks?

Comparisons: Brussels, 22 March 2016 versus Minsk, 11 April 2011. Same video footage

Here is a screenshot of  video footage broadcast on network TV and on the internet depicting the explosion in the Metro in Brussels, March 22, 2016

Here is the alleged video footage of the CCTV surveillance camera, Brussel Maelbeek Metro Station.  The CC surveillance camera is under control of the Metro security authorities.

Now Compare the above to the screenshot of  the Minsk April 2011 attacks followed by full-length video.

 Full video of the Minsk Attack

 The original source of this article is Global Research

Date Distances……..No Zionist / Freemason Hoax could be complete without date distances.  

From “ISIS leader”, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi born on 28 July 1971 to alleged Brussels airport suicide bomber, Khalid el-Bakraoui born on 12 January 1989 is 911 weeks

As we know from the Twin Towers …911 = 9+1+1 = 11


From Holocaust narrative : Anne Frank born on 12 June 1929  to alleged Brussels airport suicide bomber, Ibrahim el-Bakraoui born on 9 October 1986 = 666 months and 666 days

The date distance between the Zionist orchestrated Paris Hoax of 13th November 2015 and Brussels 3/22 Hoax of 2016 is 130 days = 13  in Numerology you drop that Zero as it has no significant value.

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